What Car Can I Afford?

Congratulations on your decision to buy a car. The first tip you need to know while thinking about the car you can afford is- be realistic. You need a car that will give you an equivalent value with the expenses that comes with owning one.

Choosing a brand and model

This choice should be made according to your car udget. When you make a choice, find out the current market price of the car.

Determine your car budget

This is essential to avoid spending more than you planned and going broke. First, calculate the expected monthly service costs and compare to your disposable income. The outcome of this analysis reveals whether you are financially capable of using and maintaining the car you plan to buy.

Your disposable income is the money you have left after subtracting your fixed and variable expenses from total income. If you can conveniently use a part of your disposable income to cover monthly loan payments and service costs for the car, you are on the right path.

Can you afford a good car insurance cover?

You should buy a car that attracts an insurance cover valued within your budget. For example, the insurance package offered for cars such as a Range Rover will be much higher than more modest car brands. So don’t get caught up by buying a car without the means to pay the insurance premium.

Perform a vehicle depreciation analysis

If you buy a car that loses value quickly, you may be compelled to spend more money on maintenance in the long run. This experience is usually unplanned and can leave you with more bills to pay. It would help if you had a car that has affordable long-term maintenance costs.

In conclusion, you should make a choice based on your finances. Some apps can evaluate your income to derive a reasonable car budget. With this information, you can determine the type of car you can afford now.